Time is a peculiar thing. I don’t comprehend it whatsoever, but I do know it passes slowly in the moment, but the blink of an eye by tomorrow. Tomorrow I’m going to Canada for the first time, and I am thinking of a girl I used to talk to from there, someone very important to me. Right now I am listening to Tame Impala and talking to my brother about a trip together to Panama. I’m not sure why Panama, but I don’t see why not. I’m charging my phone while the album Currents plays.

I intend to take a hot shower before bed. I’m going to wake up early and rearrange my backpack, plus pack my duffel and get ready altogether. I don’t have possession of my hoodie, I left it either in the bus (probably), or the last house Stocksmile performed at. I’ll get it back eventually, but I may need to stop along the way to pick something up.

I wonder what Canada is going to be like. I’m excited to witness the subtle cultural differences. I’m excited to eat genuine poutine! And Ketchup chips. And to be in another country. How cool. It’s my first taste, and step, into international touring. I’m excited, I’ve worked hard and waited a long time to experience this moment. International. Touring. The first of many to come! So far away, but the blink of an eye closer to the end.


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