Hiking Friend

Hikes with my brother is one of those things I can never get tired of. There have been far too many great memories with him on the trails of northern Utah. Too many rattle snakes, tarantulas, deer, and other cute critters met along them, as well as scrapes, cuts, and falls.

Once, my brother and I went for a night hike, and he dropped the mag light borrowed from our mom into a small pool of water. Another time I slipped at the edge of a cliff, and landed on my tailbone. Hard. I felt like I had broken it!

We’ve discussed politics, religion, and the horrible memories of our father.

Argued about life, love, god, creativity in ourselves.

And smoked a lot of weed.

I am moving to another state across the country from my brother, and I know I will long for his presence as I explore and venture the mountains and trails the Eastern United States has to offer me.


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