People of Starbucks

A man reaches for a Starbucks front door handle, but the door shocks him with static. The man breathes in sharp, retracting his hand in pain and whispers, “Ouch!” He shakes his hand, grasps the door handle quickly, then steps outside. “Fuck,” he whispers again, examining his hand.

A petite Asian woman is ordering food, using her cell phone as a way to transfer the payment over to a small machine designed for whatever app she is using.

A man in a smooth, green polo with grey slacks and a belt (dress shoes, obviously) is sitting sideways on a padded chair. He is utilizing the wide and wooden armrest as a table for his coffee. The man pulled a laptop from its case and is now eating food he brought from home- a sort of danish. He discovers the table next to his padded chair. He put his two papers on it. And now he is brushing crumbs off his shirt.

This Starbucks is busy. I spent about 3 hours, maybe more, here yesterday. It is a constant flow of people, a lot are inside doing work on their laptops. Definitely a college town.

Last night we played the legendary 924 Gilman. This venue has little meaning to me, so I’ve already pulled up tabs so I can read about it after this post. I know it is a DIY venue that has lasted for 30 years, but like I said, I don’t really know much about it. Sometimes I feel out of the loop, but it’s okay, I want to learn more. The show was good, but whatever I’m ill with has made it painful to swallow. So I am drinking water and resting. I’d love to explore this town, so maybe I’ll go to the park later (there’s lots of people and dogs). I want to be able to sing again.

I spoke with my mom and brother when I was at the show, expressed myself. My mom assured me I am not crazy and I am just grieving (lame), and my dreams probably don’t mean anything other than what I’m going through and hoping for. I listened to her. For once in a long time, I am listening to someone else who had the heartbreak experience. For once in a long time I am listening to the wise words of my mother.

My brother recommended I begin meditating again. I did for a moment last night with Sabo, which reminds me, classical music is rad! Seriously. I always forget, but classical music is one of my favourite “genres”. Who should I put on, Beethoven or Bach? Or maybe I could listen to someone or something new?


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