Two Dreams, One Post

Another strange dream two nights ago. I was riding in a car on the prairies, a friend that I didn’t recognize other than their presence was driving. I was sick in my dream, as I am now. We were heading to a school. The point was to see the Sun (go figure). I was nervous, but feigned confidence as usual. After driving a few hundred feet my friend stopped the car due to the crowds of people he didn’t want to run over (ya know, like a normal person).

I got out of the car and began to run. I needed to find the Sun, even though I couldn’t breathe, I was sick, and figured she wouldn’t want to see me. I found her, she was with her 2 best friends. I approached her, hugging her and picking her up into the air. I set her down, told her how much I missed her, and she responded, “You have boogers in your nose.”

I said “Okay” and walked away feeling embarrassed. I walked about a half mile to where my friend parked his car, he informed me there was a bathroom nearby and walked with me to it. The bathroom was down a flight of stairs, about 50 steps total, into a dark New York subway like underground area. It was creepy down there, but I needed to blow my nose, get rid of the boogers.

In the bathroom the lights flickered, it was dark and empty, but I wasn’t afraid, though I knew I should have been. I went pee, blew my nose, washed my hands and face, then walked back up the steps.

I found the Sun in the middle of a field. She turned towards me and smiled. She approached me. I kissed her. Then she pulled me to the ground, where the dream turned sexual based off her control.

I will spare the brief details of the encounter, but I woke up feeling sad. All I wanted to do was meet her, the Sun, in real life. I never expected to fall in love, I never expected anything more than the hug she promised and hopefully a good time together. I think I scared her off by pressing meeting… oh well. We may never meet in real life. This breaks my heart more than most things I’ve experienced… but maybe one day we will. I hope so. She was one of my best friends.

Last night’s dream was mostly forgotten, but it was Christmas time. I was shopping with my mom, she asked what I was getting someone (special, I assume) as a gift. I said I didn’t know, but spotted a beautiful hand carved cabin (about the size of half a loaf of bread). I instantly knew it was perfect. I walked away from my mom and towards a conglomeration of tall, skinny “treehouse” like buildings. In the middle of these buildings a few people were playing Quidditch, but there were rope swings involved. The former girlfriend of two friends I had (she broke up with one for the other in high school, it was a mess) was playing. I assume the captain of the opposing team. She was there, and told me I was gonna lose because who I was looking for didn’t want to see me. I accepted her challenge, and set the tiny cabin in my pocket. I took off, and scored several points, making this girl eat her words.

“HA,” I exclaimed. “That was fun!”

After landing in one of the tree houses, I climbed down through the interior and handed the now boxed and wrapped cabin gift to the Sun. Her face wasn’t visible, but I recognized her figure and hair. I woke up immediately after.

Photo by Paul Hill 2017


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