Heart Attack Grill

It’s 9:50 and I’m in the van because I’m sick. Bob is at the bar with our friend, 2 or 3 more may be showing up, but I probably won’t see them.

I have been depressed and emotionally numb all day, pushing off thoughts about someone I miss on top of having a sore throat. I want to go hiking, but I can’t. I want to play a show, but we don’t start full force until Sunday. I want to sleep, but sean took the bench. So I am sitting in the van, using free wifi fortunately in range, bored.

We ate at Heart Attack Grill, and it made me not feel well. I will surely have to stick to a fixed health food diet for a while. I prefer how I feel and look doing so anyways.

I am very excited for tour! I love performing, plus I will be writing my own stuff more often explore my creativity. This year will be Stocksmile’s best yet, with only more progression to be made in the coming years as well. I plan on discovering a unique way to up our stage presence, as well as my own. Something to give the audience more to remember us by. I also need to work on my social media skills, as well as continue learning to edit photos and videos better. I will begin recording my tour adventures soon. I’ve already began the tour journal.

I never know how to close my blogs, so today I will end it with this. Goodnight.



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