Catching up to Speed and Dreaming Dreams

I’m finding myself unmotivated today. I began eating junk food, and more food in general lately.  I crave a bag of chips, but I know better. I need to exercise, having strep throat has really set me back. I smoked the last 3 days, pot. I smoked to help against strep, which it did. But I become so lazy and lethargic. I am content to do nothing, and while I am sick, I still find myself abhorrently lazy. I know depression has it’s hold, but I can fight through it. Maybe I need to nap while listening to music.

Either way, this illness has me dumbed down. I am getting lost in daydreams. Maybe I should accept them and just sleep. So far I think I need to sleep.

To catch you up to speed, Stocksmile’s kickoff show was on Wednesday. It was good. I look forward to perfecting our performance and sound. People enjoyed our set, I feel as if they left impressed.

Jim Stone interviewed us, I don’t know if I like my answers to his questions, but I gotta accept them for what they were. The Ampeg 8×10 Sabe ordered for me came. Awesome guy to help me and the band out like that.

I think I will now sleep. Dream dreams of pretty things. Recover.


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