I Kiss to Let Go

She falls in love with words I’ve already said
But to her they are new, because they’re from him
And he posts pictures of all his instruments
I know she loves this

I wake up alone, as I always do
Except I feel alone, because I miss her
She wakes up, hopefully happy, to texts from him
“My life is better with you in it”

“Awwwwwwe, babe!” she’ll probably reply
Full of excitement for her new guy
And for her I’m excited, I hope she’s correct
When she tells herself “This feels right”

“I felt right about you” I wish I could say
“But look what happened. You walked away”
But she will contest “I’ve alway felt this way,
I told you we can’t be anything in the first days”

Yeah, yeah. I know, I know
But she felt right, too, at one point
“Oh well” I tell myself every day
But, honestly, the pain isn’t fading

It’s masked. I wear a stock smile.
I live harder than before, which means trying new things
Socializing more, kissing Canadians
But I want to kiss her. Just her. So I kiss them to let go.


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