Valentine’s “Lame”

Despite all the girls for whom I wasn’t enough
and told me goodbye- I still believe in love
It’s a wonderful thing felt in different ways
Like love for a friend, your family, a place

And right now I have deep love for these eggs

I’ve heard some complain “I’m single today”
While others know it’s completely okay
I’m one of those people, to be loud and clear
Cause being alone means drinking more beer

Just kidding, I don’t like beer

I woke up to sirens, the feeling of dread
Not ’cause there’s no one I love in my bed
And not because I have no one to kiss
Though if you asked, I’d say that I missed…

My bed. And pillows. And dreaming of mountains.

Today I will venture like any other day
Exploring this city, and sing while I play
Cause today is Valentine’s, a corporate thing
Devised to spend money on glamourous things

But if you love me speak now, I want a new hat

So if you think love is a work of fiction
And sex is just a pleasurable friction
I commend you to the highest extent
I hope you get laid without money spent

(call me)


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