Breakfast in Bed and Las Vegas

I made breakfast for the guys, but I cooked Bob’s too early and ended up having to eat it or let it go to waste. I am feeling mighty full, having already eaten a two eggs bagel an hour earlier.

Last night we walked through some buildings and casinos along the Strip in las vegas. I drank some wine, some whiskey, but I wasn’t feeling either so I drank a small amount of both and stopped. While watching the water show at the Bellagio, Sabo took photos of the band, plus Paul Hill. We had a good time seeing 3 story tall chandeliers, eating fresh and delicious pizza from a secret pizza spot, and feeling like we were back on tour. 5 brothers enjoying the sights, sounds, and tastes.

Today I smoked weed again. I did it because I intended to walk a few miles and explore, but instead I stayed inside and relaxed (anxiously). But I put myself to work, cooked breakfast for Paul and Bob, and now I am writing. And relaxing. I don’t fully understand friendships, and I’ve recently made friends here. Hopefully I don’t do something too abnormal.

Time to practice before band practice.


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