I Kissed a Girl

It is late, I am tired. The events of last night have been circling my mind all day.

I kissed a girl.

Okay, here is the story.

Woke up, wrote for this blog, then woke my bandmates up so we could get to practice on time (we didn’t). I didn’t feel great. I woke up feeling the pangs of depression and anxiety, possibly fueled by whatever dream I had that night. I ignored the feelings to the best I could, and decided to focus on music. Practice was okay, I am learning to sing the harmonies to up our performances, but I am not great at them yet. I found this, on top of not finding the bass tone I liked, to be stressful. I ate some old guacamole, and it made me a bit sick to my stomach. This was annoying because I was invited to a party and genuinely wanted to make it. Fortunately I didn’t eat too much, sensing it might have been bad, and I drank a lot of water to combat whatever  bacteria threatened to make me ill. I distracted myself from the slight stomach ache by fixing my bass amp, thus fixing my tonal problems.

Feeling better after eating a meal of eggs in a bagel, taking a quick shower, and shaving my face and head, I left to the party. Sean joined me, which I was pretty stoked on. We arrived late, but fashionably, and I felt a bit anxious to socialize, so I did what any 24 year old would do in that situation: Poured myself a tall cup of jungle juice and began to sip away! About halfway through my first cup, I felt limber and began to chat with people. I discovered a girl who had been flirty the night before was in a relationship, so I sorta avoided her that night. I chatted with my new friends, with Sean, cuddled a couple dogs and a ferret, and sang at the top of my lungs with others to whatever classic pop songs they were playing.

Eventually I was wasted, but in a good way.  I was having a great night, so was everyone else. Near the end of the night I sat next to a beautiful French-Canadian girl, whom is in town for work. She had given me her hat to wear early into the night, and I rocked it! Anyways, beside the point. She kissed me on the cheek (unsure why), so I kissed hers back… then we kissed. Then I realized I wanted to kiss her some more, so we started making out… right on the couch… in front of everyone. Classic me, though, if you knew about my incredibly odd, yet somehow awesome sex life (I am shy, and don’t typically pursue women that way).

Well one thing led to another, nothing sexual happened, but she somehow ended up straddling me and that’s when we decided to take it outside. Ya know, because people were watching at this point haha!

I want to see this girl again, and I will at my bands show this Wednesday. I just hope I can spend more time with her, because I don’t kiss just anyone. You have to stand out to me, and this girl definitely does. She is beautiful, intelligent, and is in Vegas on assignment from work to photograph the desert. I am not sure what her company does, but I want to learn. Crushes are stupid, and I am leaving soon. But I would love to get to know her some more. Hopefully kiss her again. Kissing is cool.


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