Open Air Sessions- Las Vegas!

After discussing Sean’s music video idea, we laid out a story board and finalized the idea. I’m excited for this video to come to life! But I won’t talk about that today.

Last night, after story boarding, Sabe dropped me off at a unique event called Open Air Sessions hosted at an Airstream Park (super rad). It was sort of an open mic event, except there were instruments on stage that anybody could jam on. I played bass for a few songs, a right handed one, and I had a killer time!

When I arrived at the event a security guard talked to me for a bit, but was very vague on how to get in. Eventually I figured out there was a gate to my left. Once I stepped inside I immediately noticed 2 alpacas! What?? I walked directly to them, petting the white one before it tried to kick me. The black alpaca was eyeballing me, I would have pet it but I sensed malice- I didn’t want to be spit on!

After leaving my alpaca friends I wandered to the event itself. It was set up on a large stage, I spotted my new friends by the fire. I sat quietly with them (as I’m a usually quiet person) and just enjoyed the people and the event. I wandered off after a few minutes, though, deciding to take photos of the event and the goings on. There was a large cushioned seat held aloft by cords fastened to a teepee like structure, people were laughing, spinning, and drinking on it. I lounged on this eventually during the night, and it gave me anxiety (I hate anything similar to a swingset).

I drank a self made margarita, and played bass for a few songs. Eventually, drunk and having fun, I associated with the friends of my friends. And let me tell you, these girls are GORGEOUS. One of them took a particular liking to me and held my hand inside her coat pocket, and I was diggity-down. And she is taller than I am, so that was kind of attractive for me… But I held her hand, in her pocket, in front of my friend who invited me… and I might have a crush on her. I haven’t decided yet, especially because  I am still hurt from a breakup 5 months ago (that I finalized a couple days ago). But, I am going to see both of them at a party tonight. I will do my usual routine with most life events, and simply go with the flow- intelligently, of course.

Another cool thing from this night was hanging out after the event, we gathered at the top of a large RV and just bullshitted. I definitely love hanging out with like minded people, especially ones I can be my weird self around. I feel normal around these new friends. It is nice.


I also decided anonymity of my band mates is pointless, so I won’t be tactfully hiding their names. We are Stocksmile, and we are rad.


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