Are You Awake?

Yesterday proved to be tough, but I pushed through it. I won’t be talking about why it was difficult for me. But, I will say, I am eternally grateful for my family, my friends, and my bandmates for supporting me through thick and thin. And to my singer, for the hug he forced me to take, because he knew how much I needed it. And to my mom for knowing I needed a phone call after my simple text “Are you awake?”. Mothers always know.

I opened a letter sent to me from my dear friend who lives in Canada. It was a sweet gift, a triple feature DVD of Adventures of the Wilderness Family- all 3 movies! I look forward to watching them!

Band practice started late, our drummer has strep throat and we needed to wait to get his medicine. Unfortunately he wasn’t able to get it last night, so hopefully he can today. Poor dude, strep throat supplies the equivalent feeling of swallowing sandpaper… not a good feeling at all.

Practice was good, we are working on the transitions between songs, avoiding “dead air” during our sets. We’ve developed a set list, I’m sure one that will adapt over time the more we play live. Today at practice I aim to get our volumes set, especially between clean and distorted channels. I want our live performances to sound as best as they can, and I won’t settle for less. Hopefully it is easy, and I don’t get my band hating me because of how anal I will be (if needs be) about perfecting our live sound.

We are also working on new music! Our singer and skeleton songwriter (skeleton meaning the bare bones of a song that we as a band expand on and strengthen) is very talented, and I have always seen this. He is the first and only acoustic songwriter that left an impression on me. That is why I felt confident in making the decision to audition for, and join, the band a year and a half ago (late August 2015). The new songs are fantastic so far, and they are literally bare bones. We as musicians are all individually and uniquely talented, and collaboratively we are unstoppable.

I am typing this early in the morning, I woke up to my bandmates in conversation at 3 am, and I haven’t been able to fall asleep since. The sun will rise soon, within the next hour, but I plan to be asleep before then. Sleep is important, and having spells of insomnia (mostly throughout my high school career) I take as much sleep as I can get. I will be awake in a few short hours, but I will awaken feeling fresh, ready to rehearse independently, ready to go on my daily walk, and ready for whatever this beautiful Wednesday has to offer me!


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