PROGRESS! And Relapse…

My band met with our friend who is a music video director (I will call him Chris). He did a video for our singer when he was acoustic, so we already have someone in good rapport. This man is eccentric! And talented. Full of life, ideas, almost comes off as full of shit, but he isn’t. It is difficult to explain.

We spent about 8 hours brainstorming not only music video ideas, but how to brand ourselves as a band; image, hashtags, growth, aesthetic. It was beneficial 100% to discuss these things as a band, especially directed by someone with a drive like Chris’. The band not only discussed our image and our goals, but we all got on the same page with our direction overall. Musically, professionally, performance wise. We all want this. We are all passionate about this band and its growth. It is a good feeling, to know we collaboratively desire success. And that we all will work extra hard to make success a reality. Goals are important, the steps to get there are equally as important, if not more.

I felt our progress after a few hours was great, so I rationalized smoking off a blunt of weed during one of our 3 short “brain-breaks”. I regretted it, as I usually have whenever I smoked these past few months. I need to say no, no matter the situation I am in. I don’t feel good, I don’t feel progressive. If I am to progress into somebody successful, I need to stay sober, sharp, and ready for whatever life throws my way. From now on I need to maintain a sober lifestyle (drinking excluded, because come on).

But, even while stoned, I designed a really interesting music video idea. I don’t think it will make the cut this time around (because our drummers’ idea is more suited to mainstream entertainment as a first music video), but I am confident that it is a great 2nd music video idea, and it applies one of my favorite elements a band can offer: AESTHETIC. It coincides with an element from the first video (drummers idea). I’m not going to type the ideas on here, because I know there are tricksy Hobbits trying to steal my good ideas (stay away!).


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