A Good Day

Today I woke up exhausted, and slept in an extra hour. My dream during that hour was brief, but I enjoyed it. I was with a friend who offered to play a video game with me. It was a Pokemon fighting game, where we selected a monster (Pidgeotto for me) and battled it out in an arena as that monster. It was 3rd person, and the arena we fought in was a level in Borderlands, Earls Scrapyard. It was fun! I dominated him.

During the day I attended the Vegas Music Summit panels with my singer, I learned a lot from the speakers, each one impressing me with their knowledge. Then after we had pizza at Evel Pie.

We spoke to a man about music videos, and recording our coming show in Las Vegas. He eventually pushed us into describing our goals as a band, and is meeting with us this coming Sunday to not only discuss the music video ideas, but to also brainstorm 100 words that describe the band, narrowing it down to 5, hopefully branding ourselves as Stocksmile more than what we already have; to create an image beyond what we are neglecting to do. I was and am very excited about this! Following this meeting, we went and watched my friend perform in her band, Jesse Pino and the Vital Signs.

After getting home I video chatted with a girl from Wyoming. She is nice, someone I can be friends with. But that’s all. Just friends.

I have been pretty tired all day, so writing this post wasn’t something I wanted to do (I’d rather be sleeping) but I promised myself I would post once a day, so that is what I will do. Well, until I’m on the road, then I may not remain consistent, but I will certainly try! If anything, I will write daily and post them when I can. I have access to the app on my phone, but I shattered the screen today, so I will be using it a lot less. Don’t want my thumbs to get cut up.

I missed the Sun the least today out of every day since she left… I didn’t miss a beat in thinking about her, though. I want to talk to her… I just can’t. She hurt me. She doesn’t understand how I feel, or what she has done, but I just can’t. I am debating on if I want to send her postcards on the road… but I will discover that in time. I just hope she is okay. Happy. Working on her dreams proactively. This is what I want most for her, to live her dreams.


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