Dreams About You, Driving, and Kayaking

I had a dream with you in it, my Sun.

I flew to your town, walked to your house, and met you outside, surprising you. You were standing next to your old, white pickup truck with a faded blue stripe running along the sides (in dream, you don’t actually own a truck). You weren’t exactly thrilled, but I didn’t let it stop me. I told you I couldn’t live my life never meeting you, which is my real feelings.

We got into your truck and you drove, no destination in mind, down a straight road. Towns passed as we talked, I don’t remember the conversations. But I do remember you still weren’t entirely thrilled about me stopping by to see you. But, over time in the truck ride, you softened. You warmed up, and eventually agreed to see me (despite already spending time with me in the truck). You called your mom (for some reason a family friend of mine in the dream) and asked her something about us spending time together. She approved and you brought us to a river, pulling 2 kayaks out of the bed of your pickup.

We hauled them to the river, signs saying “contact _____ before entering!” (just some guy), one on a bent over fence taken over by the woods. But we ignored them, confident in ourselves. As we approached the point we will set off on the river- a 3 foot ledge next to a cave mouth the river entered- there were 3 people sitting there in conversation, relaxing, enjoying their day, one of them fishing. We said hey, as humans do, and placed our kayaks onto the water, both of us hopping into our own. Before we entered the cave, I remembered that your truck was going to be miles away by the time we were finished with our ride. I laughed, telling you it we had almost left it behind, and I got out to get the truck, you handed me your keys and your phone. As I heaved myself off the kayak (an oddly shaped kayak at that, J shaped with cup holders for my feet to rest in) my arm resisted against the side, making a fart noise everyone heard. I joked, “That was my arm, not me!” and everyone laughed. Smiling, I walked to the truck, and noticed your phone was on and opened to your Twitter account. Your latest tweet read (paraphrasing) “Your love lost a month ago will be something worth having”. A tweet you had been staring at randomly during the truck ride, a tweet you seemed to slowly accept over time. That’s when I realized I was at the side of your truck, the passenger door opened by me, you were still on the river.

Then my dream blurred, I lost my vision and woke up. I wonder if I was at the truck so you could experience the excitement of the river, and I could pick you up at the end, because my walk to the truck was confident while I was walking alone. It makes sense to think that was my intention in the dream, because it is something I would do for you, or any friend, in real life.

Anyways, I love you, Sun. I hope your cold, snowy, winter weather is treating you well. I miss talking to you.



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