My First Day of Sobriety

Yesterday was cool.

I woke up, my first official day of sobriety, and I knew I needed to keep busy. I practiced my bands songs, worked on stage presence as well as harmonies. After a couple hours of that, I went to a music meet up called Revive Vegas Meet Up, where local musicians gathered for a short acoustic live stream, then listen and ask questions to a small panel of 3 people in the music industry of Vegas. I learned a lot, taking notes, my new mindset being to learn everything I can to be the best musician I can possibly be.

Afterward I went to the house of my bandmates friend, where they were having a WWE Royal Rumble party. This was my first time ever attending an event like this. There was lots of people, food, drinks (water for me), and fun! The WWE is a lame sporting event, but I am baffled by the mixed combination of fake punches and kicks, followed by real body slams into tables, smashing them into pieces. Plus they hit each other with chairs, which you could audibly hear, and damn it looks painful! We picked cards up, each having a sticker inside and a number on the back, the number representing which WWE wrestler we ‘representing’ us the match, to go along with a homemade drinking game. I randomly chose 27, the wrestler (I found out today) being Enzo Amore, a tag team wrestler, who lost. I assume rather quickly.

I left the event early with my singer, we went to see our friends in Lifelink, a rad hardcore band from Tempe, Arizona. If you like hardcore music, I recommend listening to them! After their set, we went back to our apartment and practiced, playing songs from our coming album, and writing new material based off the skeletons the singer has been working on.

Boring day to you, maybe. But I enjoyed it!


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