Karaoke for 3 Hours??

Yesterday was the birthday of my friends sister, yay! I was invited to their events: drinks at a Hawaiian themed bar in Vegas, and karaoke right after… for 3 hours. Who goes to karaoke for 3 hours??

The day of I was excited, I invited a cute friend ( the one from my post “He is Not the Man I Married”) and she was interested, plus I was gonna get plastered drunk, then sing horribly with my friends. I needed a fun, carefree night out, and this was a good way to let loose.

Half an hour before we left, my friend said drinks were cancelled because they were running late… bummer. I went to a Chinese restaurant with two friends in the meantime, the food was great! Then we went to another Hawaiian themed bar, the drinks were great! One chick didn’t finish hers and left, so I got a half drink for free… mmmm, free alcohol! Then karaoke… for 3 hours.

I keep complaining about karaoke and the amount of time reserved, but it ended up being incredibly fun! We had Korean wine (tasted like alcoholic juice), sang tons of different songs together, and the next thing I knew I was drunk, goofing off, standing on the leather benches and pretending I was a rockstar! Well, I AM a rockstar, just more so. I ended up screaming during one song, and I sounded like a dying pig, causing me to roll in laughter. I accidentally kicked a shotglass (luckily I gulped down the sake beforehand) and it shattered on the floor. MAN was I drunk! The 3 hours drew to an end, I felt sort of bummed it drew in so quickly, but hell, what a great night! I’m so glad it happened. Too bad my cute friend never showed up!


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