A Fiery Death

“That gonna keep happening, that’s a nice thing right there.” I think to myself, watching the sunset through my room window, the thoughts of life, living, and death trying to sneak into my mind. I won’t let those thoughts win again tonight, so I will write.

I am messaging the Sun again, she is talking to me about herself. Again. Which, I love to hear, but share it with someone you love, not me. Ya know? I’m trying to get over you here! *Sigh* I love her. I just wish I could not be who she tries to talk to, but I think it’s good for me. I am learning a lot about being someone’s friend, not partner. It is just…. difficult.

But Sabo just arrived! So I will wrap this up with a few thoughts;

Sunsets are nice, and they will continue to happen as long as the sun (the fire one in the sky) retains it’s shape. Hopefully humans last as long as that, too! I could imagine the sun’s massive explosion to be an okay death.

There are many nice things that keep me positive.


Photograph by Jordan Jaeger 2016sunset-travel-on-the-road-jordan-jaeger-photograph-sunset.jpg


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