Nightmares are awesome and amazing to me. I usually enjoy them, even ones that are terrifying and horrid. However, I dislike the psychological nightmares, the ones that effect who I am, not just my fears in the dream. Here are two nightmares I’ve had in life. The first being a psychological and recent nightmare, the kind that vibrates your soul beyond comfort. And the second, a seemingly traditional nightmare of a child that turned into something unusual.

Two nights ago, I dreamt of the Sun again. This time I was in her room, it wasn’t messy or clean from what I remember, just another room. I was in her bed, talking to her, and another man was there. In this dream we spoke, things were good, but the nagging press of her obviously wanting this other man in her bed rather than me physically woke me up. I awoke sort of dazed, grasping onto reality again, trying to not let this wild dream effect me, but as I relieved myself in the bathroom, and again as I filled and drank water from a cup, I realized that this dream was another message from my conscious. The Sun loves me, but not the way she loves him. An easy dream to figure out.

I believe some dreams speak to humans through their subconscious, often times forcing us into metaphorical situations we have to figure out ourselves during consciousness. With this dream (hopefully the last of many regarding my former love) I took it in pieces. The Sun, obviously in my dream because I love her. Her bedroom, matching my desire to visit and to be comfortable with her. The man in her bed- her new boyfriend. But why would the Sun, in the dream, allow me to sit in suffering as she focused her attention on him? Probably because that’s how she is in real life (details coming in a later post, she is actually great, the breakup was not).

The second nightmare I will talk about I had as a child. It was reoccurring, and more of a traditional nightmare; monsters, vomit, death, tough decisions. I had this dream over a half dozen times, possibly 9 in total. And each time I had this dream, I was able to progress further until the nightmare ceased to exist in my sleep. I don’t remember my age when they stopped, but I was definitely younger than 12. The dream is as follows:

I’m approaching a mansion, a classic vintage style, brown and old, during the night. I walk up the steps and comfortably three friends walk beside me- Ruth and Cheyanne, practically family, we call each other cousins. And Jack, my childhood, and at the time, best friend. We pass through the large double doors of the mansion, and walk into a huge foyer, another staircase in front of us. We are there for a reason, perhaps to study or solve the supernatural occurrences there, or maybe find info on the mansion itself. I decide we should start from the top floor and work our way down. My colleagues, my friends, agree.

We walk up the staircase and into the room at the top. We walk inside, closing the door behind us, the room is a basic square shape; windows against the back wall, high school style lockers on the rest. There is a desk centered a bit to the right against the windowed wall with computers on top, enough for each of us to use. Jack sits nearest the window, then Ruth, then Cheyanne. I am searching through the lockers (some turning into filing cabinets flooded with paperwork) and notice a vomitous bubbling seeping from underneath the door. In a flash, Ruth and Cheyanne are beheaded, a monster appearing from the vomit like substance gurgling on the floor. Jack jumps into action, withdrawing 3 scimitars from the lockers on the right wall, and tosses one to me and fights with two. More vomit monsters appear, we battle, almost defeating the monsters, but Jack is killed! As his head is rolling on the floor, I plot my safest escape; through the window!

I smash the window and peer outside, my beagle Kato is there waiting to rescue me! She is wearing her collar and leash, and swings the leash up to me. I grasp it, climbing down behind the mansion. The dark of the building to my left, creepy and mysterious woods to my right. As I hug Kato in thanks, I don’t have time to mourn for my lost friends; classic styled werewolves are behind me and closing in fast! 3, 4, sometimes 7 or 9 of them! Their numbers changed every time I had this dream. I hop onto Kato’s back, and we take off towards (what we hope to be) safety.

*If you have ever ran in a dream, you understand how difficult it is. It never seems like you are fast enough, and turning is a tedious task, often times performed in a large, wide process, causing you to barely make the turn, narrowly avoiding crashing into walls (if any).

This happened as such, except there were no walls, we were clear of the mansion, and outside. The werewolves ceased their pursuit as we (Kato and I) came into view of Ruth and Cheyanne’s house. We made a turn so wide I thought we were going to miss the house completely, but ended up half a block away. I hopped off Kato’s back, and told her to tell Christina the mom of Ruth and Cheyanne, that they are dead and I was so sorry. Kato then ran into the loving arms of Christina, and I turned on a dime, sprinting back to the mansion.

Approaching the house from its left side, I decided to reenter the house through the main door and check on my friends, hopefully able to bring their bodies home. But when I arrived in the room, the room was empty and there were no bodies, vomit monsters, or scimitars. Unbothered, I head downstairs, outside, and through the cellar doors in the front of the house. The doors are old. The white paint, grayed over time, is peeling away. I lift the doors open, being sure to not close them behind me, and I turn into a dark, wet, moldy hallway. I walk about 5 feet, entering a door to the left, and discover a man in a bathroom, his back facing me. I take a small step, he hears me and turns, his face visible in details.

That’s when I woke up. This is the furthest I have ever progressed in this dream, and the second to last time having it (the final time being a couple years later when I was 14). In real life, my family moved to a different city, and I befriended my neighbor Rick, him being a year older than me. After less than a year of being friends, Rick and I were staring at, almost studying each other, for a moment when both our eyes widened. This part of my story may seem farfetched, but I assure you it happened, and it was real:

“You had the dream, didn’t you??” Rick exclaimed, excitedly. I replied that I had, and after discussing our dreams in better detail than I have captured today, we discovered our dreams lined up, but his began in a haunted mansion bathroom, a man walking in unexpected, a man who looked just like me. The man in my dream looked just like him, and we took it as our friendship being destiny. This isn’t the first time something wild like this has happened to me in my dreams, an odd foreshadowing of life or events, but it is the moment I realized that dreaming has more power than we as humans realize.


I will share more dreams and nightmares I’ve had throughout this blog, hopefully you find entertainment in them as I have! Photo taken in 2016 by Jordan Jaeger


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