First Things First

I’m sitting here, in Las Vegas, the sun is already up, it is 10:09 currently. Already I’ve gone through the motions of waking up (wishing I were still in my dreams), going poop, eating, brushing my teeth, and now I’m sitting at my laptop wondering WHAT AM I GOING TO TYPE? Anything I want, really.

I type as quickly as I can, being sure to not skip words, misspell common verbs, or otherwise not over think my writing. It is difficult, I am a Jaeger, depression runs through our veins. Our greatest weakness; the inevitable sadness, lack of motivation, and all around suckiness of whatever is wrong with our brains. Chemical imbalance never tasted so bad.

HOWEVER! I understand I have a condition, so I will write to keep my mind working through memories and current events, hopefully figure out a way to make money while traveling, and sharing my work, photography, and music with the world.

I guess “buckle in” and let me tell you about my life!

“Fast Food” Akron, Ohio, Crozberry House 2016. Photograph by Jordan Jaegerdsc06210


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